CDS Real Estate Investing Course

How To Create 100K+ in passive income through investing in real estate

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Unlike other courses, this course was not created to up-sell you on more courses in the future. Purchasing this course will give you everything that you need to build and scale your real estate portfolio. It will help you create a real estate investing business that generates six figures plus in passive income. You will be shown every step that you need to take as well as all of the pitfalls you’ll need to avoid in order to expand your real estate empire. As always, the goal here is to help you create a huge passive income.

This course was created to help real estate investors at every point in the process.

If you're a first time investor...

You’ll learn everything you need in order to purchase your first investment property with consistent cashflow.

If you’re an experienced investor...

This course will help you increase your deal flow and upgrade the systems you have in place. You will learn new creative ways to add value to your properties and increase your equity position and passive income.
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Recent course reviews...

Rashaun Forrest
1 month ago
"Chandler has a gift for explaining things and keeping your attention. I found the course robust, informative and well worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone interested in real estate investing."
ZAch Kracht
1 month ago
"This course is a great outline of the process for buy and hold real estate rentals. It goes into detail everything that is needed to buy property, manage, and repeat the process. Also love the CDS Rental calculator, I use it everyday!"
Curtis Bonsignore
1 month ago
"I have been talking wonderful notes. I have been balancing my time between Meet Kevin and Chandler courses!!! I love the different perspectives on real estate investing!!! :) I will be purchasing my first great deal in the next 9 months to a year."
Kim Toft
1 month ago
"The course has everything you need to get started buying real estate. The course is divided into themes and underlying videos in the process of everything you need to know before, during and after buying real estate. I would definitely recommend this course to friends or family members who might be interested in buying real estate."
Carmen Bahena
1 month ago
"This is such a detailed, informative and  honest course. It has given me confidence on my investment choices and also given me hope for a better life for my family and myself! I can’t explain in words how grateful I am for all the knowledge you share in these videos. "
Jesus Sandoval
1 month ago
"Every video in this course has been so easy to follow and understand. I am on my road to being a real estate investor and this course is just what I needed to point me in the best direction. If you’re confused or don’t know where to start, this is the course to get as it is very un expensive compared to others and super easy to follow. Great course!"
Brandon Mcbride
1 month ago
"I’ve enjoyed the courses so far. I’m a newbie investor and so having Chandler really break it down step by step is exactly  what I’m looking for. Thank you so much!"
Gary Olandis
1 month ago
"Chandler didn't hold back, tons of nuggets all in one place. Definitely worth every penny!"
Matt Stowell
1 month ago
"Chandler is a clear, in depth educator with step by step instructions to getting you into your first investment property. If you buy this course you'll have all the tools you need to make educated decisions. This takes you through everything you'll need to know to succeed. I highly recommend it."

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I want to take away all the risk because I know this will be the greatest investment you could possibly make. All I ask is that you finish the entire course.

Course content

Here's what we will cover in the course...

Explains all of the advantages of investing in real estate, breaks down the returns you can expect and explains required words and terms needed to understand the future modules.

Should you invest where you live or in a different market? Learn how to locate the proper market and sub market to begin building your real estate portfolio.

Learn how to understand the submarket you have chosen. How to analyze the rents, vacancy, expenses, etc.

Gain a relationship with multiple credit unions and banks, get pre-approved for a loan and have quality financing secured for your next purchase. Residential and commercial financing will both be covered.

Protect yourself and your investments. Learn to mitigate some of the largest risks tied to investing in real estate.

Build your 10+ member real estate investing team without over spending.

Find and screen the perfect management company.

Build the funnels that will give you consistent deal flow.

Learn to run the numbers on properties of all sizes from single family homes to 25 units+.

Learn how to put in offers, negotiate with the sellers and get the best price and terms on every deal.

Maximize your earnings by negotiating the rates and terms of your financing.

Learn to conduct a full inspection of the actual property and its financials. Acquire additional leverage for additional negotiations before closing.

Everything you need to look for before and during closing.

All of the steps that need to be taken once you have closed on the property.

All the ways that you can add value to your property to justify higher rents and resale value.

Properly increase rents without having higher vacancy.

Get all of your systems in place so that you can build and scale your real estate investing business.

  • Creative Financing

  • Taxes

  • Increasing Credit Score

  • 1031 Exchange

  • Selling Property

  • Future Case Studies of Full Property Analysis

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