How I Retired a Millionaire at 31

Today I’m going to tell you how I went from a poor college kid to retired on passive income at age 31. I’ll teach you how to do the exact same thing.

To tell this story accurately I have to start a little before college. I started very young by just going and knocking on doors. I would pitch whatever I could: mowing the lawn, painting the curbs, anything to communicate with them and try to sell myself. I made great money all growing up just by knocking on doors. 

After working through high school, I made good money and then served a mission for my church. That was another opportunity for me to talk with lots of people and get rejected a lot. After that I did the natural thing and signed up for college. I went to college and learned a ton, had great experiences but struggled to find a job. 

I was mooching off my parents with no money in my bank account when I ran into a guy that said I should knock doors and sell pest control. I thought I had experienced rejection growing up, like when I got cut from the basketball team in high school. (Shout out to the basketball coach, I’m still training hard and hoping to make the under 40 team and we can practice at my house!) 

I knew nothing about rejection until I got into door to door sales. I went on my first week and absolutely got wrecked. I knocked on hundreds of doors without selling a single account or making a dime. I quickly learned that door to door sales is very similar to working out. The more reps you get in, the better you get. After about a week, things really started to click for me. I went on to break the rookie record, selling over 450 accounts, making me over $100,000 my first summer selling pest control. 

After my first summer selling pest control I realized that I was great at selling pest control. But I also knew that there was a way to make even better money and create better relationships. I started telling all my friends about that and recruiting them to come and work with me. One of those friends in particular ended up my bunkmate. Not only did we become best friends but we were able to inspire each other, work together, and build an empire together. 

So my first summer knocking doors I made incredible money. My next summer I made even more because I sold more accounts and I had a team that was selling around me. By my third summer things had blown up. Every year I was making more, I was connecting with more people and they were making more as well. They recruited me his third summer, I went out and I wasn't an exceptional sales rep by any means but I made good money. 

I started learning how to recruit and build a team. In Garrett's first summer he was still a great sales rep but then he turned into the greatest leader of all time. Every year we built off each other, built our downlines until we got to the point where our sales forces together were doing over $27 million worth of sales in a four month summer.

Mark started selling with me my sixth summer. He is an incredible sales rep, an incredible leader, and a terrible golfer. It's been really fun to get connected with great people because not only were we able to get better at recruiting and selling, but we all had a bigger vision when it came to taking our money and investing it in real estate.

If you're considering doing door-to-door sales this is the place to be. There's a million sales jobs in the world but it's hard to find a good sales team. It's been almost 12 years since I started knocking doors and selling pest control. About three years in I had hundreds of thousands of

dollars in the bank and I wanted to figure out a good place to invest it. After looking into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate, I decided that the best place for me to put my money was

into real estate. 

I started with a small condo that I bought for $70,000. When the first rent check hit I knew that's where I was supposed to put a lot more of my money and my time. So over the last 8 - 9 years I've poured all of my money into real estate. I started buying duplexes, then fourplexes, and then eventually scaled up to where I was buying 15 and 30 unit apartment complexes.

When I started I never thought that I would get to the point where I have the lifestyle that I have

purely based on passive income. There were lots of ups and downs but learning how to get through rejection by knocking and selling pest control was a key point to get through all the other failures and rejection that came with purchasing real estate, building sales teams and

everything else. 

If you want to sell pest control and follow the same model that I did, there are no better people on the planet to work with than Garrett and Mark and the rest of our sales team. Now that I've reached the point I'm at, I want to focus more on YouTube and real estate. I was able to retire as a millionaire at 31 thanks to my moves in pest control sales, recruiting, and real estate. Today I play a very limited role when it comes to being active in sales but these guys are the best of the best. If you want to join our team, make sure that you check out our site. You can apply to work with us. 

I still do real estate investing calls and sales training with the sales force. If you don't want to get into door sales but you already have enough money to start investing, I also started a real estate investing course. I’ll show you the steps I took once I had money on how I was able to invest it.

One last thing I want to say is that I don't think I ever saw the vision that I would have what I have when it came to rental properties or sales or any of this stuff. There are a couple key things that happened. First off I surrounded myself with the right people. I continued to add to that group of people. If you surround yourself with good people that have big vision, it really helps lift your vision. 

The other thing is I had the patience to know that it wasn't going to be a get rich quick scheme. Four months in the summer knocking hard is very painful to stay consistent and focused and push through the rejection all day. Doing that over a 12-year period where you're consistently being smart with your money, showing up every day with sales, recruiting, negotiating deals is a grind. I’ve been doing this for the last 12 years to get what I've gotten, so don't jump into a get rich quick scheme. If you work with us you're going to be surrounded with incredible people. You’ll be able to scale and have that vision because of the environment that's been created for you.