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Not sure how to run the numbers to find the best real estate deals? Download the exact spreadsheet that I use every day to decide which properties I should jump on. This plug and play template does all the heavy lifting for you and can make the search for good investments a breeze.

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Why I Love Being in Debt: Advice For Every New Real Estate Investor

1 month ago · 3 min read

When I first started investing in real estate, I received a lot of “advice”. Now, 58 doors later and netting over $19,000 a month in passive income, I can say in full confidence that most of that “advice” was counterproductive.


I Am a Summer Salesman: Inside The Job That Made Me $96,000 In My First Summer

2 months ago · 5 min read

Because of the many negative connotations correlated with summer sales, I felt it was necessary to clear the air on some common misconceptions of the industry.